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Artist in a Marketplace

19 Oct

Looking at a article called Artist in a Marketplace talking to a Curator of Photographs – Charlotte Cotton

Charlotte Cotton became a curator of photographs at the V&A after just volunteering as she knew she wasn’t going to be able to get a job after taking her art history degree. She never took photos or was in photography but after volunteering her eyes opened to the access of art/photography and she became very much interested in it. Having taken a degree in art history, she loves looking at photography and how they belong to that history, “one of the things forgotten in institutional acceptance of photography is that photographers have always had to work out their own take on the ever shifting idea of what constitutes photographic practice. She carries on to say that being a photography his very independent, no one pays them to do their work.
She goes on to say that is is hard for photographers especially documentary photographers to make a living with a magazine publisher as many magazines will disappear because of the marker and others are cooking for specific things for their magazines and the public that follows them.
This i agree to some extent because main magazines out there are mainly about fashion, the top ones are to do with fashion, so there are many fashion photographers out there who make it more than other photographers. Galleries and magazine publications can be problematic due to the economy and social impact of the photographer/photographs even if they are amazing if they don’t have those factors its not going to go anywhere.

She says as a probationer doing your independent practice should always experiment when you are starting so you learn things about yourself and practice. You will learn what you do and don’t want to do rather than doing experiments years later, it is almost a waste of time.
This was a very interesting article to read especially being a photographer. The views cotton has on photography even though she is not a photographer herself it is intriguing and refreshing at the same time.


Controversies – Notes

18 Oct

Controversies  Article РMy Notes and Thoughts

1839 – Photography started officially.
Issues that cause controversies/legal matters = Politics, money, morality, sexuality or acknowledgement of the artist. Mainly everything that occurs in photography especially now, photojournalism/documentary photography for example.

Bill Gates – “Whoever controls images, controls minds” How? I don’t feel that photographs exactly control people, they don’t control peoples perceptions/opinions on them as everyone has a different opinion of that photograph.

*Prices are higher for a photograph that is not protected by copyright than for contemporary work.

Brooke Shields – Moth er let her be exploited at such a young age with oil and heavy make up – how could this have been allowed then? Would cause a lot of controversy nowadays. Although the court favored the photographer and said the photograph was not “sexually suggestive, pornographic, or provocative” I feel looking at this photography, it does suggest all these things, the way she is portrayed, the age that she is and the way she is posed screams everything they felt was not portrayed in the photograph.

Toscani – Although his photographs had nothing really to do with the Benetton Label, he had the guts to photograph issues that were happening in the world and he tried sending the message that he wanted. His images made a point and he found away to get them across even though it struck controversy in the end. Make people think about issues around the world and how wrong they are.

Session 2 Notes – Creative Histories Photography

18 Oct

In this Session we looked at:
What is Photography?

– The art of process of producing images of objects on photosensitive surfaces.

Ethical Issues that can occur in Photography and others such as Fashion and Graphics:

  • Paparazzi photography – Exploiting people.
  • Permission to take photographs of people – What is the law on taking photographs of people in different countries?
  • Airbrushing – Unrealistic views of people/models.
  • Nude images/The body.
  • Plus size models – Size/health of models.
  • Designer brands – Cheap Labor in certain countries such as Asia.
  • The use of animal skin and products.

El Lissitzky – 1920s

Hannah Hock – Collage that was seen to be offensive, public thought it wasn’t testing photography, was her photography actual proper photography?

Jack Vetriano – Famous artist around the world, the most bought living artist in the UK. There is no interest in public exhibitions, considered to be a technical painter.

Edward West – Modernism Photography

Documentary Photography – Huynh Cong – changed the world showing images or real life war and its impact on them and everyone else in the world. Western influence, dominance, brands.

Mary Ellen Mark – Narrative Photography, Los Angelese – run down areas such as East LA, she lives in New York.

Andreas Serran – Piss Christ – Can see why this can cause such controversy but people have different perceptions/options on this and have different religions, he is not mocking people but this is his perception on religion I think and people have to respect this, if they don’t like this image or his opinion then you don’t have.
Christopher Kane
Orlan – Surgery – How can this be art?

Sally Mann Interview

18 Oct

Sally Mann, is a controversial photographer and in this interview discussed why she published a book of her photography which displaying images of her children naked like in the above photograph. She defends herself and her work from all the controversy her images have brought by saying ” I am just a mother taking pictures of my children doing things children do.” I have known about Sally Mann’s photography for a few years now and at first looking at her images I didn’t once think about what issues these photographs could cause or whether it is wrong to be photographing your children this way and have the whole world seeing it. In my opinion, I think Sally Mann knew the implications when she was photographing her children but actually doesn’t care because as long as she is doing what she loves and she likes her images, i feel she is okay with that. I think that some of her photographs are quite beautiful and others I just rather not see but as a photographer I don’t look for what she shouldn’t have done and what is right/wrong in her photography, I just like to see her artistic approach in her photographs, like for example this photograph of her daughter holding the flower. This is one of favourite images of hers and it is just amazing, the lighting and colouring. If it were up to me, Id rather see these types of images of hers rather than the more controversial ones because that is just what I like. As well as that, I think it is also up to the children, they could have said they didn’t want to be photographed and maybe they didn’t have much power in everyone seeing Mann’s work but if they were against I’m sure she wouldn’t have published them.

An Image, Link and Video that I consider represents me

11 Oct


This is an image I came across on a blog, I instantly loved it. This is the type of photographs I would like to be able to take in the future, this would be on the reasons why I have chosen this image. This photograph amazes me, the way it was taken and how it was edited to intensify every detail and colour, inspires me to get better as a photographer. I come across these photographs at least everyday, and it just makes me feel warm inside that the world can be this beautiful, it gives me hope and definitely inspires me.


It was hard to pick a video that represents me, I chose this one, it doesn’t necessarily represent me but I love the whole video. The way it is directed, produced, the elements it is has in the video. This is of one of my favorite bands, so in a way does represent me. The lyrics, the story behind the video and the location just make this whole film epic.



This a link to a photography blog, I have just been following recently. It posts different amazing photographs of New York everyday.
Here are just a few images from this blog.