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Deconstructions Music Video : Rihanna Ft Calvin Harris

29 Nov
Just like with the Pink – Stupid Girls video, we have to chose our own video and Semiotically break it down, your own interpretation of the video. I chose Rihanna’s new song with Calvin Harris – We Found Love
  • Drugs- Makes it look worth it but then shows the effects of it afterwards
  • Cigarettes – Almost like they are encouraging because of the way its represented – bright colours
  • Drinking
  • Sex and Love
  • Shows the upsides and downsides of love, what it can do to you in the end when you are in relationship as such shown in the video.
  • Partying
  • Gambling
  • Stealing and wreaking public places
  • All makes it seem most of these things are the ‘best’ things in life but in the end you get to see the downfalls of every move/mistake you make.These are a few images of what I got from the music video, explaining my points.

Session 6 Notes

18 Nov

Session 6 – Looking at Semiotics/Signs/Logos

Pioneer – Late 1930’s ish


  • Representing files – Business
  • Harsh
  • Cold
  • Pratical
  • Formal
  • No frills/standard
  • Printed out
  • Reliable
  • No need to change
  • Generation
  • Innovate

Colourful Apple Logo-

    • Adam and Eve
    • Fun
    • Peace flag/Multicultural
    • Bright
    • Knowledge – Religion

Modern Apple Logo

  • Harsh
  • Minimalistic
  • Simplistic
  • Modern
  • Update image
  • Cheeky – Biting of the apple
  • What technology can do
  • New – Well known diverse
  • Targeted audience
  • Contrast to IBM
  • Glass
  • Clean
  • Futuristic
  • Misleading

Iconic Signs – Look like the thing that they signify – Portraits/photos

Indexical Signs – Refer to other knowledge’s – Footprints – feet, Clouds – rain

Symbolic Signs – Have meaning only due to convention eg words, flags etc

Everyday signs that we came up with as a group:-

Symbolic – Football flags
Iconic – Twiggy
Indexical – Weather signs, Bathroom signs/symbols, Street signs – Traffic

Session 5 Notes

18 Nov

In this session we looked at Fashion, What Fashion is, what it isn’t, What people would sacrifice in order to be fashionable etc.

Fashion is –

  • Construction of a persona
  • Sexual – advertising
  • Trends
  • Expression of yourself
  • Visual
  • Status – Wealth/gender/race/persona
  • Gender differences
  • Communicating via non verbal
  • Identity – Labels/Grouping

Fashion is not:

  • Clothes?

Charles Worth – First designer 1826-1895
From Paris, France – Center of Couture – High Fashion
1000s of Couture houses now only about 5 in Paris
Used to be you going to a designer and ask for a garment, would take ages to do this, now not so much.

Plastic Surgery – Reduction. Slim – Fashion Designs
Body Modification – Japanese foot binding


This is how it used to be, going to a Couture house, getting measured and then getting your piece of clothing

Pink – Stupid Girls – Semiotics

18 Nov

Symbolic, Iconic and Indexical signs –

  • Feminism
  • Body Image – Competition ,Perfect Image, Tan, Fashion, dog etc
  • References to different eras – 1950s
  • Conscious – Devil and Angle – Religious
  • Mocking Jessica Simpson + Paris Hilton
  • Contemporary Western Culture
  • Icon Figure – President/Podium
  • Devil and Angel – Evil and Good
  • Props – Football & Make up – Gendered – Girls can’t like similar things to what boys like

Olympics Logo

8 Nov

In this task, we had to look at different articles about the Olympics 2012 London Logo, posting our notes and thoughts.

Logo = In my opinion isn’t very creative, quite bland and honestly don’t understand it. Just looks like shapes with the Olympic logo and ‘London’ on it. it is not something special or unique.

Lance Wyman – He says to give it a chance just like the Mexico98 logo, it might actually become bigger/famous later on. Comparing the two logos, the Mexico98 is much better, its interesting, different and grabs your attention. You wanna know what its for/why its designed like that etc.

Metro – The colours of the logo are ‘vomit inducing colours’. Mixed emotions in the comments, some seem to hate it but a couple seem to find it okay despite it looking like quite inappropriate. ‘The logo screams 1985s – the 80s had bad styling.’

Vivenne Westwood

7 Nov

Looking at a Vivienne Westwood Article about her and her work – My Notes

1981 – Set up her own line
Logos represent her – pink and gold representing feminine + royal

Logos = She works with graphics which feed off of fashion
She has her own vocabulary of symbols but only her customers will know what they mean.

Her labels/logos = represent herself, its her drawings that are now recognised as her label. Its unique and it is all her. This is what i like because it shows individuality.

Her brand = creativity/uniqueness

Japanese Subcultures

7 Nov

Japanese Subcultures – Hiroshi Narumi

This article is about the different youth subcultures in Japan and in Britain and how they are quite similar to each other. In Japan, after the war there were many subcultures that were formed especially in Tokyo, subcultures like Lolita, Gyaru, Boso-zoku and Ganguro. Boso-zoku was one of the subcultures that were very rebellious and wanted to shock the public by what they wore. They liked to put symobols on their clothing to do with politics and the military to further intimidate others around them. This is just like the subculture that was created in Britain, Punk Culture and this started off British fashion although Japanese fashion has had more influences on another countries than Britain has. Apart from Boso-zuku, the rest of the subcultures in Japan were a lot tamer, except these groups were not accepted because of how they were dressed and the statement their clothing made to the people.