Deconstructions Music Video : Rihanna Ft Calvin Harris

29 Nov
Just like with the Pink – Stupid Girls video, we have to chose our own video and Semiotically break it down, your own interpretation of the video. I chose Rihanna’s new song with Calvin Harris – We Found Love
  • Drugs- Makes it look worth it but then shows the effects of it afterwards
  • Cigarettes – Almost like they are encouraging because of the way its represented – bright colours
  • Drinking
  • Sex and Love
  • Shows the upsides and downsides of love, what it can do to you in the end when you are in relationship as such shown in the video.
  • Partying
  • Gambling
  • Stealing and wreaking public places
  • All makes it seem most of these things are the ‘best’ things in life but in the end you get to see the downfalls of every move/mistake you make.These are a few images of what I got from the music video, explaining my points.

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